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Q: What is the meaning of "Unlocked" phone or phone unlocking?

A: Unlocking your smartphone allows you to use it on different GSM networks by simply inserting that new network/carrier's SIM into your phone.

Q: How do I know if my phone is locked?

A: Insert a different network/carrier SIM into your smartphone and see if it tell you or asks you one of the following:

  • Invalid SIM
  • Unlock Code [A Box will appear on the screen]

Q: What if my smartphone is "Blacklisted / Bad IMEI / Barr'd", can I use it on other networks?

A: Well in most cases when a smartphone is blacklisted/barr'd/bad IMEI, it will not work on any domestic networks/carriers, in some cases the smartphones may work on international networks/carriers, however cannot promise or guarntee that your smartphone that is blacklisted will work on international network/carriers

Q: How can I check if my smartphone is blacklisted?

A: We provide Backlist check services on our site such as Checkmend report -- It is the global leading electronic record check service!

Q: What are the sign's of a blacklisted smartphone?

A: If your Smartphone displays “No Service” [iPhone -- Try Restoring via iTunes first as sometimes it just needs a restore -- however if "No Service" remains even after --- than your smartphone may be blacklisted --- buy our check service to verify] or “MM#6 or MM#7” errors [both erros seen on Windows Phone & Android] after successfully applying the Unlock/Unlock Code, it may be that your smartphone is Blacklisted. 

Q: Can I upgrade my software on my smartphone after unlocking?

A: Yes, always on any smartphone you are free to upgrade the software as often as its avaialble without worrying about loosing your unlock, all our unlock services are permanent and remain despite you upgrading the software :-)

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