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Samsung Europe [All Country + All Models]

Samsung Europe [All Country + All Models]

$ 29.99

Delivery Time: 1-3 Days

This service provides unlock codes for ALL Samsung models locked to any European Country including United Kingdom (UK)

If you received NCK : 00000000 - RGCK : xxxxxxxx or NCK: 00000000 Defreeze: xxxxxxxx

It means device is  Region (RGCK) locked and has never been activated or Device has never been Activated if you get NCK + Defreeze.

So the country lock is active it will only be disabled as soon as its activated by a SIM from the country, which the Samsung phone, is purchased in/from.

That's why we are not getting the NCK, So please use the RGCK = Regional Unlock Code. Instructions are same: Insert SIM from another country, Power ON, Input the code next to RGCK and enjoy your factory unlocked Samsung. 

If you have any issues with inputting the unlock code, please use our "How to" section for detailed unlock instructions.

No Refund for Incorrect / Invalid IMEI and Non-Europe Country IMEI so please double check your IMEI # prior to submitting order.

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