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How to unlock T-Mobile Devices using 'Device Unlock' App

As you may have come to notice while attempting to unlock the T-Mobile many of the new T-Mobile and MetroPCS come with a "Device Unlock" app which requests that you contact T-Mobile / MetroPCS respectively in order to get your device unlocked so you can use it on your favorite network such as AT&T / Straigtht Talk / Cricket / Net10 / Simple Mobile etc.

This App is cooked into the firmware to prevent users from unlocking their own device simply by using a code like we all have loved to do so in the past, kind of on the lines with iPhone where the unlock must be done by carrier or 3rd party. 

Lucky for all of us, we have a solution and very straight forward, all you have to do is place your order and then wait for us to notify you, then you go ahead and open that app with a Non-T-Mobile or Non-MetroPCS SIM in the device and continue to unlock using the built in App as if you requested the Unlock from the carrier itself. Extremely simple and requires no modification or warranty voiding, you simply click "Permanent Unlock" and be done forever :). 

For T-Mobile Order Service (CLICK HERE): 

Alcatel One Touch POP Astro (OT-5042T)
Alcatel One Touch Evolve (OT-5024N)
Coolpad Rogue (3320A)
Kyocera Hydro LIFE (C6530)
Kyocera Hydro WAVE (C6740)
HTC One (M9)
HTC Desire (626S)
HTC 10
LG G Stylo (H631)
LG G4 (H811)
LG LEON (H345)
LG V10 (H901)
LG K7 (K330)
LG K10
Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime (SM-G530T)
Samsung Galaxy Core Prime (SM-G360T)
Samsung Galaxy J7 (J700T)
Samsung Galaxy Avant (SM-G386T)
Samsung Galaxy S6 (SM-G920T) 
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (SM-G925T)
Samsung Galaxy S6 EDGE+ (SM-G928T)

Samsung Note 5 (SM-N920T)
Samsung Galaxy S7 (SM-G930T)
Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE (SM-935T)

Sony Xperia Z3 (D6616)
ZTE Obsidian (Z820)
ZTE AVID Plus (Z828)
ZTE Zinger (Z667T)

For MetroPCS 'Device Unlock' App Service (CLICK HERE)

Alcatel One Touch Fierece XL (OT-5054N)

- LG Leon 4G LTE (MS345)
- LG G Stylo (MS631)
- LG K7 (MS330)
- Kyocera Hydro Elite (C6740 & C6740N)
- Samsung Galaxy Core Prime (SM-G360T1)
- Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime (SM-G530T1)
- Samsung Galaxy S7 (SM-G930T)
- HTC Desire 626S (0PM9110)
- ZTE Avid Plus (N9120)
- ZTE Obsidian (Z820)


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